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Demo Bookmarks
Online Bookmarks Demo
This is the favorite online bookmarks URLs Manager Demo. Give a try to this new Bookmark Organizer. Free Bookmarking, unlimited Pages, Folders, bookmarks and sub-bookmarks. Bookmark your favorites, keep quickly organized the sites you visit frequently, group, prepare and share bookmarks with friends. Register for free to fully customize your own 1dermark Bookmarks. Access them privately from anywhere forever or publish your favorite pages to share with friends and others. Get your bookmarks on any computer. No matter where you may be surfing the web, your bookmarks can stay with you just by signing in.
    The most striking features:
  • Absolutely Free
  • Unlimited Private or Shared Pages
  • Unlimited Group Folders
  • Unlimited Bookmarks
  • Unlimited Sub-Bookmarks
  • Import Bookmarks from Internet Explorer & Firefox
  • Drag & Drop configuration
  • Position and Order Bookmarks on the fly
  • Contextual Menu
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere
TIP: Use right-click button on Page, Folders or Bookmarks titles to access contextual menu
TIP: Drag & Drop bookmarks to change folder order or drag on blank zone to delete it.
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